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Information Systems Architecture for the Rail Industry - an initial overview (T962)

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Project Summary

This research provides a summary of existing industry information systems, and a review of approaches in other complex industries, to assist with recommendations for structural and technical solutions. It explored current and future information technology opportunities, and developed a route map for information management.

Project Abstract

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Currently there is no clear picture of the information systems in the rail industry, outside Network Rail, how they are structured, share information, or their plans for development. This is thought to inhibit whole systems approaches for technology-based improvements.

On behalf of the Technical Strategy Leadership Group, this research has produced a national information systems catalogue, systems architecture maps, and a report. These have provided a better understanding of information systems and a mechanism of developing a cohesive system strategy across the industry.

To achieve its aims and objectives this research engaged with industry information management teams to explore best practice and the required resources for cataloguing and mapping of information systems. Data was only gathered after a definition for the term ‘information system’ was agreed. This was for all national information systems excluding human resource based systems, single organisation user bespoke systems and Network Rail systems.

The Systems Code Industry Review Group has taken responsibility for keeping the National Information Systems Catalogue updated and making it available to industry. Additionally, the Traction and Rolling Stock Systems Management Group has adopted the role of developing a ‘straw man’ long-term strategy for cross-industry rolling stock systems, and RSSB is undertaking a similar exercise for the safety systems that have been identified.

The research has provided a foundation for an overall framework for the industry information systems architecture to make it easier for the industry to optimise its use of information systems in delivering the technical vision for the future.

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