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A guide to RSSB research in Control, Command and Signalling (T932)

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    Control, Command and Signalling
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Project Summary

A considerable amount of research has been undertaken in Control, Command and Signalling covering train control, train protection, communications and positioning systems. This guide pulls together summaries of this research in one document.

Project Abstract

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On behalf of the Vehicle/ Train Control and Communications System Interface Committee, this research provides access to a digest of all research delivered by the DfT-funded, RSSB-managed research programme in the Control, Command and Signalling topic area. The content of this booklet has been produced in-house by RSSB.
The benefit of this guide is that it communicates the outputs of the research in this area to ensure that the work is widely accessible. It is designed for industry personnel who are short on time and need a general overview of research completed and in progress. It also supports the initiatives that are in development to help with the implementation of research outcomes and the realisation of the benefits from undertaking the research. A PDF copy of the booklet can be downloaded from Printed copies of this booklet can be requested by e-mailing

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