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Project title

A Proof of Concept Trial Demonstrating 900 MHz Wireless Internet Protocol Connectivity. (T795)

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    Control, Command and Signalling
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Project Summary

A trial of 900 MHz wireless technology which used existing GSM-R infrastructure to provide operational lineside Internet Protocol connectivity.

Project Abstract

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This research involved a physical lineside trial of 900 MHz wireless technology using three built but inactive GSM-R masts and the fixed transmission network. The trial was designed to assess the technical feasibility of an overlay wireless network within the existing infrastructure, to establish the technical requirements for operational trackside wireless communications coverage and capacity, and to determine if the existing GSM-R network could tolerate an acceptable level of cross interference within safe limits.
This research project was sponsored by the Vehicle/Train Control & Communications System Interface Committee.  Because of commercial sensitivity, the results from this project are not being published until the completion of the OCCAM auction of frequency bands around the 900 MHz frequency.

Project Reports

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