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Project title

A competence needs analysis for trainers and their line managers (T588)

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    Workforce Development and Competence
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Project Summary

This research seeks to analyse and define what knowledge and skill levels rail industry trainers and their line managers need to allow them to deliver training and development for the industry effectively and competently.

Project Abstract

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The rail industry has identified a need to improve, in both internal training departments and external suppliers, the professional development of trainers and those who manage them. The identified need extends to recruitment and selection processes, trainer training programmes and qualification, through to the maintenance of technical knowledge and understanding, in a complex and changing rail environment. This research project analysed and defined what knowledge and skill levels trainers and their line managers require to enable them to deliver effective and competent training and development for the industry. It also provided data to the industry on the current and projected level of trainer supply, and made recommendations regarding improvement to trainer quality and competence. The training management dimension was also reviewed to ensure alignment with trainer capabilities and business needs.

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