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Project title

A strategy to develop future railway communications systems (T351)

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    Control, Command and Signalling
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Project Summary

This project established a long-term view of the railway's communications needs in the context of emerging technologies. It provides the foundations of an industry strategy to remove the need for bespoke railway systems.

Project Abstract

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This project assists the industry in establishing a strategy to ensure that commercially available communications equipment is adequate for the railway. This will ensure that special developments are not required, which should allow the cost of providing communications systems to be substantially reduced. The project examined the current communications systems used by track workers, drivers, signallers, and control room operators. The implications of migration from fixed-wire to wireless-based systems have been considered, and the functionality, the hazards, and associated risks re-assessed. The manner in which excess capacity can be safely used for commercial benefit has also been investigated. The project findings have been discussed at the cross-industry forum Vehicle/Train Control and Communications System Interface Committee. The findings of this project will influence the Department for Transport technical strategy due to be published in the middle of 2007.

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Project Reports

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  • Future rail communications: Final report (T351 Report)

    The railway system is becoming increasingly customer focused and competing more intensely with other transport systems. At the same time, European integration and standardisation is proceeding with th...

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