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Mental workload assessment for train drivers (T147)

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Project Summary

Defining a mental workload assessment tool for the rail industry, and developing and validating it for use by railway personnel.

Project Abstract

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If a train driver's workload is too high or too low this can be detrimental to performance and potentially to safety. The aim of the project is therefore to produce an approach for assessing Train Driver Mental Workload (MWL). The project has been a joint initiative between the Institute of Occupational Ergonomics and CCD Design and Ergonomics Ltd. The project began with a review of existing MWL measurement tools applied in other industries. A set of tools has been specifically developed for assessing the MWL of train drivers. The tools have then been tested with drivers in simulators, in the field and through workshops. Workshops with driver managers and human factors professionals have also been undertaken in order to assess the tools. The key output is a set of workload assessment tools which can be used for: comparing workload for different driving systems or routes, evaluating design changes and equipment upgrades, appraising staffing levels, establishing training requirements, and incident analysis.

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