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Project title

A review of the process used to introduce speed restrictions and driver compliance with them (T1044)

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Project Summary

A review of the processes used to plan, introduce, publish, and operate speed restrictions; and the identification of the potential for human error which can lead to speeding events.

Project Abstract

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Evidence suggests that some trains are exceeding emergency (ESRs), temporary (TSRs), and permanent speed restrictions (PSRs). This is despite efforts by industry to conduct workshops and re-brief train drivers on the importance of complying with speed restrictions. This project has identified issues around adherence to, and implementation of, speed restrictions. A number of possible work streams identified in the findings are designed to mitigate issues with the design and laying out of signage, driving through speed restricted areas, and monitoring of speeding incidents. There appears to be no one solution to the issues identified. Multiple work streams are needed to improve compliance with PSRs, TSRs, and ESRs. The research has shown that non-compliance with speed restrictions is not simply due to driver errors or violations. Therefore it is important that the proposed mitigations for designers, track workers, drivers, and driver managers are considered. This project was supported by the Train Operations Risk Group who will take ownership of the findings from the research report and consider various options for the future.

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