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Project title

Viability of ETCS limited supervision for GB application (T1043)

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    Control, Command and Signalling
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Project Summary

To understand and assess the business and safety benefits that European Train Control System equipment delivers using the Limited Supervision mode.

Project Abstract

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Version 4 of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) cab fitment programme proposes that a substantial number of traction units will have European Train Control System (ETCS) equipment installed by 2020. This presents an opportunity of using the onboard ETCS equipment to provide ETCS Limited Supervision (LS) based train protection on conventionally signalled lines.
ETCS LS has the capability to replicate existing Automatic Warning System and Train Protection and Warning System (AWS/TPWS) functions and potentially, for trains with lower braking capability, to provide enhanced train protection to that provided by existing AWS/TPWS solutions.

On behalf of the Vehicle/Train Control and Communications System Interface Committee (V/TC&C SIC), this research has been a high-level study to state what ETCS LS is and is not; it has described available ETCS functionality, potential benefits, how these are defined, and how they can be gained.
The V/TC&C SIC has supported the view that this research has provided sufficient information on the lack of a case for a wide fitment of ETCS LS mode as well as identifying a small number of scenarios where implementing ETCS LS mode might be worthy of consideration for the GB railway.

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