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Project title

Feasibility study of a kneeling train (COF-PTI-03)

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    Rolling Stock
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Project Summary

The project investigates modifying or designing trains to 'kneel' by adjusting their heights and lateral positions to reduce the platform train gap. The feasibility will be investigated by a detailed rail simulation model.

Project Abstract

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This study is to investigate the possibility of modifying or designing trains such that they have the ability to ‘kneel’ – in that the height of vehicle and lateral position can be adjusted to move closer to the station. The goal of this is to remove (or at least reduce) gaps and steps that occur between the platform and the vehicle body, resulting in faster, safer and more accessible train boarding and alighting. In order to assess this feasibility, a detailed rail simulation model will be produced that will allow investigators to manipulate the vehicle and assess benefits of these movements. The simulation model can then be adapted to include proposed actuation solutions and a dynamic assessment of the new vehicle can be assessed as it pulls into (and subsequently leaves) different stations.

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Project Reports

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  • Feasibility study of kneeling train (COF-PTI-03 Report)

    The rail network has recently undertaken expensive projects within infrastructure to increase the number of platforms that have step-free-access from the street in order to improve accessibility for P...

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