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Closer running (reducing headways) (T1095)

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    Control, Command and Signalling
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Project Summary

This project has aimed to develop a sound working definition of 'closer running' and a technology road map to support its implementation.

Project Abstract

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The concept of ‘closer running’ has been identified from the Rail Technical Strategy as one that could be adopted to increase the capacity in the rail network. However, the concept could take a number of forms.

The purpose of this research has been to help provide a definition for ‘closer running’.  It has also developed relevant background information to support the development and launch of an appropriately structured programme of work to take forward the idea of reducing the headway of individual trains, in order to increase capacity.

The deliverables of this research are:
1. A technology roadmap for 'closer running'
2. Identification of the technology dependencies
3. Recommendations for future work streams, including opportunities for technology transfer from other industries.

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