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Project title

Documenting the All Level Crossing Risk Model (T737)

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    Road-Rail Interface
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Project Summary

Supplying a history of the All Level Crossing Risk Model, and a detailed, referenced explanation of its construction and functionality, and the main parameters used in its formulation

Project Abstract

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The All Level Crossing Risk Model (ALCRM) was rolled out across Network Rail during 2007, and has subsequently been populated with data. The current version of the model represents the culmination of nearly eighteen years' work of modelling, calibration, upgrades, and related activities. A need was identified to capture the history of the development of the model since the first version was designed in the mid-1990s. An independent review of the model in 2006 highlighted a lack of readily available documentation regarding the structure and functioning of the model. The National Level Crossing Safety Group (a predecessor group to the current Road Rail Interface Safety Group) approved this work to capture and reference key decisions made over the years. The second part of the project was to describe the model via an 'Enhanced Specification’, which provides references for all variables and algorithms, with narrative sections that provide explanations of the main steps in the algorithms. The ‘history’ document, originally published early in 2008, and now updated to include more recent developments, is available on the RSSB website; the Enhanced Specification is available only to the ALCRM configuration management team.

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